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What is secretFast?

Lets know what is it and how it works
You would like to change your life; look younger and feel better You are an A-lister who requires discretion, privacy, peace of mind You are in the entertainment industry; a talent, an athlete, an entrepreneur who wants to wind down or who needs healing You need...
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First, you would have to become a member.  Then, you will check yourself in at one of the retreats. There, experts, doctors and dietitians will provide you guidance. With that, you will cleanse your body, mind & spirit, but it is also a place to network....
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What is SecretFast? A private virtual club, consisting of an elite group of high profile leaders, entertainers, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes who care about their health and education.  Who may become a member of this elite community? It is by invitation...
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What's in SecretFast
SecretFast Rotating Doctors program invites a different doctor to its premises every week. Doctors give lectures to the guests and are available for one-on-one consultations with appointment.
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SecretFast treatments will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit to make you feel and look younger. All treatments are provided in complete privacy.
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SecretFast Membership consists of an elite group of personalities from all around the world who use SecretFast facilities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to network.
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There are variety of programs for all ages and all kinds of lifestyles in a Secret Fast facility. They are also called 'juice fasting' master cleanse (cleansing) programs.
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Rotating Doctors

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Cleansing your body at SecretFast Juice fasting and cleansing your body at SecretFast Pine Woods Resort is simple, effective and a regular affair, serving Los Angeles and San Diego, two hours away in a pristine mountain top, 7 or 10 days is plenty for cleansing your body from all the toxins. Especially if you are in the entertainment industry like myself, you need to visit this place. It is

George M.

At last – individiualized fasting! I have been a regular of juice fasting plans all my life. When I booked myself to a 10 days stay in a Secret Fast facility, the team inquired what were my needs and desires. When I said I needed to loose weight fast, they did not stop there. They asked if I have allergies, diabetes, insomnia, water retention or so on. Based on my answers, they offered an

Maria / Virginia