Secret Fast is good energy...

When Suzie and I checked in, we suddenly felt like, we came to a place with good energy. The suite was spacious. The bed was comfortable. Bathtub in the living room was extraordinary - I have never seen anything like that before in my life. Yet there was more to this place than what was obvious.

The package we selected was like a music to my ear: the way they organized all treatments into five categories made it very easy to understand. No hassle. Massages of course are from a different world because they do it in your suite. You don't have to go outside. You just fall a sleep afterwards, and wake up when you want to. 

But what striked me the most, was the other things, like permaculture they create from many different fruit trees! What wellness center, resort, would invest and make use of such an intriguing idea? They do, apparently, in all their resorts, be it on top of a mountain or in the  desert or on an ocean front. 

Good energy, all around. Good energy. Good people. 

Tim and Suzie / California


At last - individiualized fasting!

I have been a regular of juice fasting plans all my life. When I booked myself to a 10 days stay in a Secret Fast facility, the team inquired what were my needs and desires. When I said I needed to loose weight fast, they did not stop there. They asked if I have allergies, diabetes, insomnia, water retention or so on. Based on my answers, they offered an individiualized program for me from specialy prepared juices. Massages and fitness sessions that will suite my needs. They also scheduled a private consultation for me with a doctor who would be at the facility when I check in. 

It is the first time I really feel that going to a juice fasting facility will be different. I can't wait. In fact, I already feel special. 

Maria / Virginia


Cleansing your body at SecretFast

Juice fasting and cleansing your body at SecretFast Pine Woods Resort is simple, effective and a regular affair, serving Los Angeles and San Diego, two hours away in a pristine mountain top, 7 or 10 days is plenty for cleansing your body from all the toxins. Especially if you are in the entertainment industry like myself, you need to visit this place. It is actually designed to serve the Hollywood community. Perfect get a away few times a year, plus I get to spend time with people I know, apparently membership focuses on Hollywood crowd, mainly.

George M.