There are variety of programs for all ages and all kinds of lifestyles in a Secret Fast facility.


They are also called 'juice fasting' master cleanse (cleansing) programs:


  • 4 days - 'Get a Hollywood Look!' or 'Tune-Up!' 


  • 7 days - 'Renewal Package' to rejuvenate 


  • 10 days - 'Red Carpet Glamour' when you need to be on it or feel like it


  • 13 days - 'Spiritual Retreat' to give you peace of mind, body and spirit


  • 16 days - 'Makeover Getaway' to separate you from everything else for a while - WEIGHT LOSS!


But keep it quite! Nobody needs to know!!!


SecretFast treatments will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit to make you feel and look younger. 


All treatments are provided in complete privacy, so nobody will ever know that you have had any of these treatments.


Like the natural anti aging procedures, applied by SecretFast doctors Maurice Levy or Cedric Martin to name a two..


But everyone will see the results when you are done.